TRAMPS is an American rock n roll band hailing from Nashville, TN.

 "American rock n roll band” is not stated lightly. The Middle Tennessee natives' debut self-titled EP is packed with 5 feel-good songs that draw heavy influence from Americana greats like Petty and Springsteen, without forgetting that this is indeed the 21st century. Each song somehow feels nostalgic and fresh simultaneously, taking the listener on a journey of lyrical and musical peaks and valleys, and keeps you begging for more.

    TRAMPS features high energy, classic guitar tones to the tune of singer/guitarist Trevor Sarver’s intimate, gravelly vocals backed up by bassist Cody Ryan’s Beach Boys-influenced BGV’s, soaring solos and texture provided by guitarist Darren King, all rolling like a freight train to a solid backbone in the form of drummer Abishai Collingsworth. These four members are no stranger to professional rock n roll. Sarver and Ryan are both founding members of The Wedding (Tooth&Nail Records), and King and Collingsworth founding members of The Overseer (Solid State Records). Despite the more aggressive sounds of their previous endeavors, their collective musical journey has led to a completely new sound, and a solid collection of songs. Songs telling of love found, love lost, and the finding of self.

    “This EP is an autobiography” says Sarver. “These songs were written over the course of about 6 years, and tells a real story in real time. I wrote these things down as they happened, and kept these songs between Cody and I for a long time. We finally decided we needed to do something with them.” King and Collingsworth then stepped in to complete the ensemble, and TRAMPS was born.  

No gimmicks, no tricks. Make no mistake, this is American rock n roll.

This is TRAMPS.

Trevor sarver - guitar/vocal

CODY ryan - bass/vocal

DARREN king - lead guitar

Abishai collingsworth - drums